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Caring for your Continuon Underwear

Washing instructions are provided with every purchase, and we recommend warm washes with gentle detergents.

A wetbag can be a great investment to manage your underwear during the day (lined zippered bag  that will hold wet underwear and keep it from leaking or smelling). You will probably want to carry a  spare dry pair when out from home, and may need to bring a used pair home to wash.

A wetbag is perfect to give full discretion and to carry both and keep any liquid or doors firmly locked away. The wet bag is also machine washable.

You may also like to pick up a large laundry bag to zipper in any liquid or smell before you wash  your Continuon  underwear. This means it can stay in the laundry until it is washed without  releasing odors around the home.

Tips and Hints

  • Problems with urine leakage may require you to take extra care to prevent skin irritation:
  • Use a washcloth to clean yourself
  • Allow your skin to air-dry
  • Avoid frequent washing and douching because these can overwhelm your body's natural defenses against bladder infections
  • Consider using a barrier cream, such as petroleum jelly or cocoa butter, to protect your skin from urine