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Incontinence Underwear for Men. BLACK Y-Front Style that is fitted and discrete.

$19.99 $24.99

  • INCONTINENCE UNDERWEAR FOR MEN - Smart Stylish Briefs for Urinary Incontinence. 7oz absorbency incontinence pad gives peace of mind.
  • WASH AND WEAR WITH EASE - No-one will know the difference. Discrete packaging, plain underwear and normal laundry makes life easy and worry free.
  • SMART DESIGN - Washable urinary incontinence underwear is the smart choice. Continuon's Design are soft, secure and super-absorbent and last for 250 washes or more, guaranteed! Waterproof layers blocks all leaks. Modern cut and high tech fabrics.
  • INCONTINENCE SUPPLIES by Continuon will see you living life to the full. Incontinence pads and adult diapers for men and women, wet wipes, bed pads, washable underwear and more. Perfect for young and old dealing with urinary or stress incontinence
  • 1 in 4 AMERICAN DEALS with Incontinence and there is no reason to have anything but the best to stay comfortable and active. Order with our cast iron guarantee that these will save you a ton of worry, money and waste!

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